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Sun Spots

Sunspots are also known as Solar Lentigines. These darkened spots on your skin are caused by direct, prolonged exposure to sun.

The spots can appear at any age and are usually not harmful. They affect people with lighter skin, but anyone can get them.  There are many options available for treating sunspots but we suggest to check it first with your doctor. From natural methods to cosmetic procedures, here are some suggestions on how to get rid of sunspots.

1. Chemical peel uses a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing its damaged outer layers.

2. Resurfacing laser will trigger mild inflammation and clear the spots.

3. IPL ( Intense Pulse Light) will break the pigment melanin and will make it easier for the body to clear it.

4. Tretinoin acid, Hydroquinone cream, and Azelaic acid can be used for long term treatment.

5. Sun screen will prevent this condition and will protect your skin from sun damage.


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