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Laser Hair Removal

Duration 20-90 mins

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Our Fotona Nd:Yag laser works by destroying the blood flow at the base of your hair follicle. When this blood flow is gone, the follicle and its active parts will shrivel and die. There are 4 phases in a follicle growth cycle: Early Growth, Active growth, Regression, and Resting. This is important because a follicle in an Active Growth phase has greater blood supply and is more susceptible to treatment. A resting follicle has less blood supply and will not be effected by treatment. This is true for all forms of permanent hair removal.

What Will My Skin Look Like After Treatment?
In most people there is no sign that a treatment has been done.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
The average person needs six treatments. How many treatments you will need will depend on your number of growth cycles and how hair-free you wish to be. Because a hair follicle can only be destroyed in an “active growth” cycle, your treatments will be timed to destroy the most hair follicles with each visit. Usually treatments will be 4 to 8 weeks apart.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Lose My Hair?
If you stop watering a plant today it will not die immediately. A follicle that loses its blood supply will take time to shrivel and die. Typically you will lose you hair in 2-3 weeks after your treatment.

Can I Pluck Or Wax My Hair Between Treatments?
No. Plucking or waxing pulls the hair out of the follicle and may disrupt the growth cycle. You may trim or shave as much as you wish between treatments. Shaving does not change the type of hair that you grow.

What Are The Possible Side Effects From Treatment?
While side effects are rare, some clients may have a swollen appearance to the follicle for a few minutes after treatment. This usually resolves before the client leaves the treatment room. Sometimes the laser heat within the follicle creates a small water blister. This is not common occurrence. Rarely, treatment causes a change in skin pigmentation at the site of scarring.

What Is The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal?
Cost will depend on area covered, not how thick the hair growth is. Package prices can be arranged if more than one body area is to be treated. An accurate assessment of cost will be determined at your free consultation.

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